Vishakha Nakshatra

Indication: "The star of purpose"

Nature / category of the star: Misra (Mixed / sharp and soft)

Direction / motion: Adho Mukha (Looking down / Facing downwards)

Pratima (Symbol): A "Triumphal arch" Covered with leaves and used in marriage ceremonies.

Devata (Presiding Deity/ tutelary Archetype): Indragni or chakragni (the dimorphic pair of Indra and Agniin one body)

Shakti (Power) : Vyapana Shakti ( the power to achieve and make manifest, power to achieve many and various fruits of life")

Desire: To gain the greatest splendour amongst the Gods

Result of Shakti, Basisand desire : Fruits of Harvest


Jealous, Stingy, triumphant, conquerer, dictators, courage, impatient, ego centric, many sided activity, develop ideology and dogmas, learned, energetic, purposeful, aiming at success, very intelligent, Goal oriented, ambitious, competitive, opinionated, forceful, persistent, patient, envious of others, pure and chaste.