Vedic Ways

The Moon is said to have 27 wives with whom he spends one day each. Each wife has her own mansion in the sky indicated by various constellations spread across 360 degrees around the earth. Hence he finds it's easier to visit and spend some quality time with each of them without much hassle (as can be thought of same scenario on the planet earth). 27 wives also known as "Nakshatras" are in essence embodiments of different energies (or portal connecting us with different civilisations far across the space) affecting our mind or thoughts and hence actions towards one another. The simplicity and beauty of defining things in Vedic way is personification of concepts, as Universe itself is considered as living with consciousness, as against the western way where it is just one giant machine. And it becomes lot more easier to remember each of Nakshatras and various energies associated via different stories (as in Puranas) associated with each of them. As human mind remembers or grasp concepts quickly when embedded in relatable stories or personal experiences. (One thing to be noted here, Vedic culture is not same as Indian culture which is heavily influenced by Islamic and Christian culture for quite a long time).
Different wives have their own nature and characteristics, which can be easily discerned by observing people's behaviour on earth. It is as though each time Moon is with a particular wife it transmits her energy to the earth, making people behave in certain way. Also he infuses the qualities of his wife, he is with at the moment to a baby born at that moment. For instance when he is visiting Rohini (said to be the most beautiful of all wives), babies born during this period, have beautiful physical features and loving nature. When he is with "Magha" (10th wife) individuals born during these times will be spiritually oriented, hard working and find them slightly difficult mingling with people, as they are more drawn towards spirits of their ancestors. Similarly "Swati" is more of independent personality, "Revati" is compassionate and considerate towards humanity and so on.
The various stories associated with each of the wives are fascinating and make it easier for inquisitive minds to understand the human behaviour on the earth. For instance one of my client born under "Rohini Nakshatra" always find herself as victim of jealously of fellow females around for no rhyme or reason. Whenever she goes to parties, because of her beautiful and natural looks she becomes the centre of attraction for all men and women around and thus have to bear the accompanied jealous behaviours of females, she almost find herself isolated many times. To overcome her predicament I told her one of the Puranic stories, that goes like, since Chandra or the Moon spends more time with wife Rohini as compare to the rest, all other wives gets jealous of her (and it is an astronomical fact that due to curvature of its path of rotation around the earth the moon indeed gets slower (when passing through Rohini constellation) than usual speed). So when Rohini complained to Chandra about the behaviour of other wives towards her, Chandra replied "No doubt you are beautiful of all, but remember always to appreciate all others whenever you meet them". My client understood the concept in no time and almost make her habit to appreciate females around when in parties and slowly saw her friend circle widened.
Similarly individuals born under or having major planets in "Magha Nakshatra" though hard working and disciplined, but find it difficult trusting or adjusting people around. They get easily angered sometimes even by trivial actions of people around. I shared with them the puranic stories with central theme that (in Magha Nakshatra) their soul is basically transiting from Rajasic zone (delved by creative and truthful beings) to tamasic zone (beings attracted towards more of darker tendencies of human beings), and it will take time for their soul to adjust to new environment. As the soul was used to truthful ways and righteous path in earlier incarnations, therefore it's finding a sense of alienation in new environment, making them sometimes lonely figures. As the new surroundings are amalgamation of all the tendencies (good or bad) of human beings, individuals here are tilted or attracted towards more of a sense gratifications rather than following righteous paths. And it's part of evolution or say grand scheme of the Universe, so relax a bit, things will be taken care of with time. If possible try to be more lenient towards fellow beings even for the actions that you consider non sensical. Shed some of the loads off your shoulders and have faith in Universe with its plans (that take time to execute).
The most interesting thing about human behaviour is that it mends itself (without much efforts) if it sees the fundamental cause of any problem. Its not like psychological counselling (based on objectivity) that one needs to undergo again and again (with short lived results) but penetrating insights of Vedic culture (based on subjectivity) that dissolves problem, by taking us to the roots.