Uttara Phalguni

Indication : "The star of Patronage"

Nature / Category of star : Dhruva (fixed/permanent)

Direction of the mouth / motion: Adho Mukha (looking down / facing downwards)

Pratima (symbol) : Back legs of bed (especially the marriage bed)

Devata (presiding deity / tutelary archetype ): Aryaman (one of the 12 adityas or Vedic solar deities is the God of patronage, kindness, and favours, and the God of leadership)

Shakti (power) : Chayani Shakti (the power of "prosperity wealth and accumulation through partnerships or marriage")

Desire : to become Lord of the animals

Result of Shakti, basis & desire : Accumulation of wealth.


Patronage, favours, helping, intimate, intelligence, kind hearted, pure, modest, charitable person, learned, rich, devoted to duties, sincere, love by all, counselling, healing arts, wealth, nervous, constantly searching, curious, peaceful, sensual, romantic, travellers, researchers, collectors, determined.