Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Indication : "The warrior star"

Nature / Category of star : Dhruva(fixed / permanent)

Direction of Mouth / motion: Urdhwa Mukha (looking up/ facing upwards)

Pratima (symbol) : Twins, back legs of funeral Cot, Snake in the water

Devata (presiding deity / tutelary archetype ): Ahir Budhyana (Water serpent or Dragon of the deep seas)

Shakti (power) Varshodyamana Shakti (The power to "bring rain and to grow plants or bring stability")

Desire : To find a foundation

Result of Shakti, basis & desire : Stability of three worlds.

Characteristics :

Speaker, Conquerer, virtuous, benevolent, donations, movement, seclusion, secrecy, retirement, awareness, enlightenment, renounce, indifferent, intellect, Brahmans, sacrifices, very wealthy, recluse, erratics, monarch.