Uttara Ashada Nakshatra

Indication : The Universal Star

Nature / Category of Star : Dhruva (Fixed / Permanent)

Direction of Mouth / Motion : Urdhwa Mukha (Looking up / Facing upwards)

Pratima (symbol) : Elaphant's tusk, or small cot or planks of bed.

Devata : (Presiding deity or tutelary archetype) : Vishvedevas ( all Gods or the Universal Gods also called as Ganadevatas. This constellation is also associated with Ganesha (Vignesh ) the remover of obstacles)

Shakti (power) : Apradhrishya Shakti (the power to give an unstoppable or permanent victory)

Desire : To gain victory that can never be lost

Result of Shakti, basis & desire: Becomes the unchallenged winner