Spirituality simplified, technically

Saying goes like, "while in Rome do as Romans do," slightly modifying "while in the era of technology define things technically". Hence it would be appropriate to elucidate the concept of spirituality in a logical or more comprehensive and understandable way. Because for a time being it has been interpreted in a much of an arcane way, so as to limited to elevated or enlightened few. As a result the masses engaged mostly in nitty-gritty of life are alien or averse to the same. And more importantly at the present juncture of human evolution it is all the more required for us to introduce it in our daily life, provided everyone knows what it means to grow spiritually.
In an effort to find happiness in life everyone is engaged in a way they think will bring joy and prosperity to them. Some are working hard for money to live a luxurious life, some are in search of (or working towards) those perfect relationships they think will bring satisfaction to them, while others are hankering after that absolute power to rule over others that they think will make them content. Whatever the means towards the same objective of happiness, everyone is looking outside for the same. For material possessions and comfortable life natural resources of the planet earth are being utilised in an ever increasing pace. The growth of industries serving the ever going consumers is at its peak. But in the recent decades the environment seems to be raising its hands (with serious issues like Climate Change) to continue the ongoing trend that majority of us think is the only way to achieve happiness. While the wisdom traditions since time immemorial are putting emphasis on going inwards for that elusive happiness, or say introduce spirituality in daily life.
Now the general perception among masses regarding going inwards means renouncing everything outside and start banking on supernatural powers or beings for help. Which when organised and manipulated by few becomes religion giving rise to fundamentalism of every sort. Which rather than helping people becomes a way to control them in desired way. Therefore to make things clear it all the more imperative to define what it means "going inwards".
The nature of human beings regarding dependence on outside things towards fulfilling desires is well known. A particular thing or possession which become a source of happiness at one time loses its shine after some time. After that there is shift to another thing for driving pleasure all again. The trend continues increasing our dependence on outside world or plundering natural recourses uninhibitedly. That is what is happening for a long time, but as any process of nature cannot continue for ever hence the issues of climate change, reminding us to put brakes to present trends. Now the Universe through the nature expects us to look for different means of happiness. Therefore going inwards does not means renouncing pleasures or live an ascetic life, but altering our approaches towards the same.
For example "mediation" as one of the aspects of spirituality or going inwards has been a subject of research for quite a long time. It's been observed and notified through scientific means that as mind calms down or freed from cluttering thoughts, the metabolic rate of the human body slows down. Over a longer period of time, this slowing down of biological processes (like breathe rate, blood pressure or other vital biological parameters) results in the alteration of perception of the meditator. In simpler words the meditator after long practice of meditation starts seeing and sensing environment around him differently. All those material things which no longer appealed him earlier start enchanting him again, relationships that were getting sour or turning into obligations now get infused with vitality. Now he/she no longer depends on external sources (needed to be replaced from time to time) for gratification but his inner self or internal state. It is as though after meditation he gets new eyes everyday to look at same things or relationships differently in new light. With time he realises that pursuit of happiness is in essence inner journey. Man himself is the creator of his own realities, the Universe out there is just a holographic projection of his own thoughts and state.The obstacles or difficult relationships outside are somehow related to their own behaviour or deep psychic tendencies which they may not be aware of themselves consciously. And even if some obstacles or adversaries are out there, which are not his own creations, there are lot many subtler ways to resolve issues instead of direct confrontations. As the physical beings in front of him are just the manifestation of subtle energies which can be cleansed with his thoughts also (like cleaning and expanding the heart chakras of adversaries to imbue a sense of compassion in them). As we all are connected with each other through these energies, making us as one integrated whole rather than isolated entities in space and time. Such that a small change or alteration in one part affects or reverberates through the whole. (In wisdom traditions it widely believed that a small flutter of butterfly's wings in one part of the world causes cyclones in other parts).
The concept of meditation and its beneficial effects are also known for overall health benefits along with altering the state of perception of happiness. These are no longer abstract or metaphysical concepts as advanced biological parameters measuring devices are recording each and every change with utmost precision. Even slowing down your breathing (as an initial steps of meditation) can lead to appreciable change in your physical health as well as state of mind towards balanced functioning. As the focus turns inwards rather than outwards for internal satisfaction the nature gets much needed respite (or a much needed break) to replenish itself to cater humans again outwardly.