Swati Nakshatra

Indication of Star: "The self going star"

Nature / Category of star: Chara (Movable, changeable)

Direction / motion: Tiryanga Mukha (looking straight)

Pratima (symbol): Shoot of Plant, A single blade of grass blowing in the wind (reflecting the independent and autonomous nature of this asterism)

Devata (presiding deity / tutelary archetype): Vayu or Maruta (God of wind and prana of life breath)

Shakti (power): Pradhvamsa shakti (the power to disburse / scatter like the wind or transform")

Desire : To have the freedom to move as I wish in all the worlds

Result of Shakti, basis, desire: Transformation


Traders, merciful, traders, growth, adaptability, independence, spiritual, religious, music, literature, purification, restlessness, roaming, gastric problems, mental strength, unsteady friendship, feeble characters, intuitive, soft, sensitive, fragile, adaptable, restless, indecisive, financial skills, good communication, good learners knowledgeable, flexible, vulnerable with survival instincts, changeable restless, fickle.