Solution through symbolism

Wisdom traditions vie for underlying unity at the basis of seeming diversity at the surface. Everything complex at periphery boils down to simplicity at the centre. Even in scientific realm there is quest for single equation (merging all the equations) defining the Universe quantitatively. Hence the seemingly complex problems in human life must be having some simple solution to them, As somebody rightly said "the life is all about adding layers of complexity to simplicity".
Keeping above into consideration, sometimes it is wise to return to basics if the difficulties are adamant in nature. In other words giving a pause to hustle-n-bustle of life and listening to the Nature potent with all the answers to our desired questions is worth a time. And an interesting way in this direction is using symbology in the nature as used in Astrology.
Allow me to elaborate a bit the use of symbology in nature as utilised in Astrology. Astrology is considered as observational Astronomy in a sense that whatever we see we believe it. The earth is taken as the centre around which all the stars and planets revolve. Though we all know that earth revolves around the Sun, but from our observation on the Earth we see the Sun moving around Earth (seemingly), so in Astrology Earth is taken as stationary centre (geo-centric model) around which all the planets revolve. Moreover the Sun is equated with soul, moon is equated with mind and so on. Likewise the nature of human beings born in different months is characterised through the observational characteristics of different planets and stars. As an example people born during late July and early august are labelled as LEO with characteristics similar to the Sun (symbolically). As Sun provides heat and light to entire solar system, leo people are known for having the pride in creative self expression. As the Sun is the power house generating all the energy itself, the Leo people have tremendous will power and self confidence to accomplish any task by themselves. But on the opposite side as the Sun is too hot because of excessive heat, if any other planet that goes near, it loses it strength or characteristics and said to be combust. Likewise when the people of other zodiac signs (ruled by different planets) are in some sort of relationship with Leo people, they find themselves submissive in front of the Leo. In other words the strong personality of Leo over shadows any other personality around them. Therefore many a times people complain about dominating behaviour of their Leo partners. And in some extreme cases relationships do get affected resulting the breakups as Leo people (or say Lion or Lioness) find themselves too much engaged in self expression rather than being receptive to their partners. There is some sort of aloofness around these people, sometimes making it difficult for others to adjust (as the lioness prefer to roam alone in a jungle). The philosophy of Leo people seems to be simple "my way or highway" which comes naturally to them.
But the solution to above logjam can be observed in the nature or celestial bodies in the sky through simple use of symbolism. It is observed that Mercury is the only planet in the Solar system which always stays near the Sun despite its heat, whereas other planets come near (get combust or lose their characteristics) and go far away in repetitive cycles. While the planet Mercury seems to have adjusted with Sun's heat. Symbolically the people ruled by Mercury (having gemini and virgo as zodiac signs) are observed to be extremely adaptable without much ado about personal egos. Without any personal agendas they seem to be happy getting involved in other people agendas as their only quest is to collect information and knowledge. Whereas people of other zodiac signs or ruled by other planets like Mars, Saturn etc do get involved in ego clashes with Leo whereas Gemini go along smoothly with the Lion. Therefore for a prideful Leo to have good company is to hangout with Gemini (sign of creative people like Authors Artists and Intellectuals).
Like above nature is replete with many symbolic solutions only if humans know about to read them following a dictum that "Beauty lies in Simplicity".