Saturn Salvation

The entire life span of a human being is shared among four to five Planets at the most. Each Planet rules the certain stage of our life, colouring it the way it is known for. From childhood to old age every stage is characterised by the events characteristics of the Planet ruling. Sages or Rishis (masters of insights) of Vedic Era realising the significance of these events have termed each period as Maha-dasha (major period) of the particular Planet. For if it is known to an individual which Dasha (or period) he is running through or he/she is under the influence of which planet, then the nature and purpose of events happening during that period can be known and understood for balanced living (through appropriate and relevant responses). Because a sustainable way of life should be in accordance with intentions and purpose of all that is coexisting and sharing space with us in this Universe. Whether its the Stars (or constellations), the Planets or any other heavenly body, intentions of everyone should be valued, merged and implemented as a way of life. The Universe is one Consciousness permeating and manifesting through apparently different things, where observer and observed are the same or just the different ways of perceiving the unity.

Any issue or adversity one is facing at any stage of life should be seen in relevance to the Planet whose period he/she is undergoing. That way, the nature of issue and its intended purpose is known just through the knowledge about the respective Planet in action. For instance one of my clients mailed me his details with a query that, why all of sudden he is losing control over himself after meeting this one particular lady? Though he was mature enough to understand his feelings for opposite sex but was unable to figure out a state of calmness or tranquility that almost elevates him (like some spell) whenever she is around. As it was very unusual or different feeling for him so he thought of an Astrological consultation to know what exactly he was going through?

Before going through his chart I thought of meeting him once. As we met I asked him to describe that lady the way she attracts him or what he finds so special about her that keeps him captivating to her. He replied, "she has these thick beautiful BLACK hair that she sports very elegantly, the way she carries them is unique to her. In-fact there are many beautiful women like her but what's special about her is the way she carries her beauty with an element of order and structure. She has this aura of hard working individual who adheres to discipline, rules and regulations in life. It seems as though life have been tough (in some way) to her but her determination has no match. she is strong willed lady I guess". Though he was very much attracted to her physical beauty, but the accompanied deeper feelings he felt and described above far out weighted the rest. I noted down every detail he described and assure to contact him after going through his birth chart. As he was leaving I asked "anything else you want me to know" he replied "once I saw her in my dreams in BLACK sari".

After preparing his chart I came to know that this person has just entered in his Saturn period. This Planet is known as tough task master, whose purpose is to make one responsible in life. In its period or Maha-dasha it wants you to work hard without any wishy-washiness and be disciplined. It makes you see the physical reality as it is without any fantasy or imaginations and hence puts limitations in one's life and expect them to work within those boundaries with rules and regulations. It gives structure and order to your life. Sages had associated the colour BLACK with this Planet. Moreover it is the only Planet with rings (indicating sort of limitations) around it.

Next day I called him and narrated the whole scenario. "As you are entering the tough period of Saturn in your life, the higher intelligence is trying to help you or getting you prepared for the same. It is said that at the beginning of this period one is confronted with people who are well versed with characteristics of this Planet. The individuals who are already disciplined, hardworking, and do not buckle under pressure seems to be one that can act as your guide or mentor for time to come. As the average mind cannot understand these deep and subtle intentions of higher beings (who are always there for help) therefore the Universe has devised a more grosser way to bring two people together (one of which is physical attraction). Because anyways if two beings come together even physically (without knowing the deeper purpose) there is exchange of energies between them for the betterment of both. One is getting helped and other is increasing his/her good karma by helping other. The lady, with thick BLACK hair and sari, you are attracted to seems like a one who has already experienced and mastered these navigations (knowingly or unknowingly) through rough waters during Saturn period. The tranquility that elevates you when she is around is what you will be needing in near future when times will be tough. So your fascination for her is in essence the way of the higher intelligence to bring you near her. Moreover the Ketu, planet of salvation, moksha enlightenment or spirituality rules hair". Listening carefully about hidden and deeper orchestrations going on, he paused for a moment. And replied " I respect your insights into the matter as they are perfectly meshing with each other, what you make out from my chart and my perceptions about that lady are indeed coherent and reflecting each other. But in my heart I feel a strong desire to be near her which she has repudiated many times, making me helpless. After paying for my services as he was about to leave slightly saddened, I teased him "so find some other way to keep yourself around her even if she is not interested in you romantically. Be her assistant, chauffeur or any other means that will keep you around her, as her mere presence light you up".

As he left with a smile, I found myself once again in deep appreciation for the Universe with her ingenious ways. its like reminding one again and again that "Everything happens for a reason and the reason being evolution or grow spiritually".