Pushya Nakshatra

Indication : "The star of nourishment" Or "Auspicious" or "prosperous" or "flower"

Nature / Category of Star : Laghu (light/ not heavy) and Kshipra (swift/Quick)

Direction of Mouth / Motion: Urdhwa Mukha (looking up / facing upwards)

Pratima (Symbol): Cow's Udder, Lotus (Flower)

Devata (Presiding Deity / tutelary archetype) : Brihaspati or jiva (The high priest of the Gods / Tutor to Devas/ Lord of sacred Speech and Prayers. He gives sustenance to those around him)

Shakti (power) : Brahmavarchava Shakti ( The power to "Harness Creative Spiritual energy")

Desire : To posses the splendour of spiritual knowledge

Result of Shakti, Basis, & Desire: Creation of Spiritual energy.


Learned, charitable, priest, auspicious, prosperous, nourish, abundance, opulence, plump, popularity, speech, honest, philosophy, traditional, wisdom, sacrifice conductor, involved in fire rituals, soft hearted, honest, intelligent, intuitive, learned in shastras, balanced, prosperous, charitable, popular, fond of travel, self reliant, ethical, moralistic, responsible, controlling, indecisive, charitable, structured, regulated, conventional, helpful, selfless, caring, intelligent, spiritual, wealthy, caring, for underprivileged, arrogant, high ideals.