Purva Phalguni

Indication: "The fruit of the tree"

Nature / category of star : Ugra (fierce/ Severe)

Direction of mouth / motion: Adho Mukha (looking downwards / Facing downwards)

Pratima (symbol) : Front legs of bed (especially the marriage bed)

Devata (Presiding deity / Tutelary Archetype ): Bhaga (God of marital bliss, good fortune and prosperity, God of Contracts and Unions, Bestower of family inheritance).

Shakti (power) : Prajanana Shakti (the power to "procreate or union of polar opposites")

Desire: To have the best share amongst the gods

Result of Shakti, basis & desire: Creation of the foetus.


Generosity, wandering, relaxations, enjoyment, sexual pleasure, inertia, creation, young women, charisma, amiable, virtuous, love freedom, always travelling, respected, bright appearance, majestic, victorious, promiscuous, affectionate, kind, loyal, needy in relationships, value family.