The Planets, people and the past

The beauty of astrology lies in its simplicity. Eyes with keen sense of observation can easily correlate the graceful movements of planets with day to day happenings in one's life on Earth. The happiness, sorrows, joys, tragedies, falling in love, dejections or any other emotion seems to be triggered by positions of the planets in the space. To an observer, the planets seems to revolve around the earth, passing through different houses (compartmentalised space around oneself) triggering the respective areas of life associated with different houses. For example when planet passes through Seventh house new relationships get established, whereas eight house triggers sudden transformations or instills fears in one's mind, tenth house is related to one's career and so on.
Though the planets are constantly moving in one direction, but the relative movement of earth with respect to these planets often make us see planet moving in reverse direction for certain duration. And in astrology you believe what you see even though logically it cannot be concluded that planet moves in reverse direction for certain period of time from its usual direction of motion. For example the planet Mercury seems to move in reverse for three to four weeks (three times in a year) though scientific fact is that it has been moving in one direction only.
Along with activating the energies of different houses (thus triggering the corresponding events in human life) planets do have their own energies. The planet Mercury is said to be responsible for travel and communication as it has the subtle energies responsible for the same, Venus is for love and relationships, Jupiter is for wisdom and expansion, Mars is aggression and courage, Saturn is responsible for structure and discipline in life, while RAHU makes you obsessive or infuse a strong feeling of attraction towards some particular stranger to connect and know him/her deeply. And it is observed that when any of these planets seems to reverse its direction, the Universal mind or higher intelligence expects us to look back in retrospection (in the area or energy associated with the particular planet in reverse). Because when the planet is in reverse there will be certain events happening in your life that will block any further progress and force you to contemplate about the previous actions in the same field. Higher intelligence will not favour any new initiative (by creating some bottlenecks in flow) and will clear paths leading to events involving past. These times of retrospection will bring up unfulfilled projects that you had left in half way or will bring people in your life with whom you may be having some past life connection or pending Karma.
For example when Mercury (the planet of communication, travel, technology or intellect) is in reverse or retrograde the electronic items at the fag end of their use will break down, your mind sometimes gets confused making right decisions, starting any new venture during this time is not advisable as the Universe wants you to concentrate on things you already have in hand or phase out from your life the things not required any longer. Similarly when Venus is retrograde it is advisable not to go for any new beauty treatment or form new relationships. And when the Saturn is retrograde you will bump into people with whom you may be having some past life connections and you are together again to fulfil any pending obligations towards each other.
Well if you are diehard sceptic and do not believe in any of the above, keep a diary and note down the events happening around you during different retrograde durations of a particular planet. There will be pattern surfacing, confirming that similar type of events do occur during retrograde of the same planet. No need to believe in things blindly, observe yourself with an open mind without any prejudice or bias.
The Universe has a myriad ways of keeping balance between different aspects of life, like old and new. There is an account of all the deeds (known as akashic records in spiritual realms) you had done, doing or ever do in future, and its upto you only to maintain a good balance sheet. The Universe reminds you from time to time (as indicated by planets moving in reverse direction) to settle your accounts (pay for or get rewarded for your actions accordingly). Once you know, what to observe? and in, what context?,(through some basic knowledge of Astrology) It gives you goose bumps, when you see all these miracles happening around you. Moreover it makes people responsible in their behaviour or avoid digressing into extremes, when they realise every action is accountable. These realisations and observations sometimes give you a feelings akin to a teenage crush, with only a difference, that love instead for opposite sex, now is for the Cosmos and it's intricate designs.