Jyestha Nakshatra

Indication : "The chief or Elder Star"

Nature/ Category of star : Tikshna (Sharp / Dreadful), Daruna (tragic)

Direction of Mouth / Motion : Tiryanga Mukha (Looking Straight / facing forward)

Pratima (symbol) : Circular Amulet (the circular protective talisman that may represent Vishnu's Disc)

Devata (Presiding Deity / Tutelary Archetype ) : Indra or Vasava (chief of the Gods and Lords of the Skies & Lightening)

Shakti (Power) : Arohana Shakti (the power to "Rise above Perils and to Conquer the Subconscious" or the power to rise, overcome, conquer and gain courage in battle")

Desire : To Gain supremacy among the Gods

Result of Shakti, basis & Desire : One becomes Hero

Characteristics :

Cheerful, virtuous, occult, protection, praise worthiness, eldest, important, founder, energetic, famous, supernatural things, pedigree, wealth and fame, thieves, to protect or be protected, jealous, betrayal, rulership, heroic, adversely, arrogance, seductive, promiscuity, poor,secret interest in occult, drug addiction, creative, conscious of seniority, superiority complex, leader of family, psychic, daring and inventive, reclusive, experience due to family, secretive.