Hasta Nakshatra

Indication : "The Golden Handed Star"

Nature / Category of Star : Laghu (light / not heavy) and Kshipra (Swift / Quick)

Direction / Motion : Tiryanga Mukha (looking straight / facing forward /level)

Pratima (symbol) : Hand or fist, or open hand in blessing.

Devastated (Presiding Deity / tutelary archetype ) : Savitur (one of the 12 Aditya and the name translate as the "Golden Handed". He is the solar God of Inspiration)

Shakti (power): Hasta Sthapaniyaagama Shakti (The power to Put one's objects of desire into one's hand or to gain what one is seeking).

Desire: To have the Gods place their faith in me.

Result of Shakti, basis & desire : Puts what one wishes to gain in one's hand.


Skilled activity, shameless, merciless, thief, drunkard, grasping, old, determination, palmistry, counselling, laughter, clever, entertaining, flighty, spectacular, gambling, barbers, speculators, potters, oil manufacturers, physicians, tailors, elephant catchers, garland makers, waiters.