Vedic astrology is an ancient Indian system of correlation between configurations of planets and stars in the sky with events happening on the Earth. Ancient seers or astrologers fasinated with cyclic patterns in human life choose to relate the same with somethings indestructible so that information can be carry forward to the future generations. The planets in sky seems to be the ideal choice because of their cyclic rotations with relative impermeability to the events around.
The purpose behind the study of astrology is to make human beings aware of the underlying fibre of unity running through every realm of life. Though it is not possible to accept and apply the concepts of astrology in public arena as it requires more data to prove the same, but its understanding can help us understand and solve other mysteries of life. But as happened with other tools of understanding life, this tool too has its fair share of bad name due to ignorance and egocentric nature of human beings. Questions are being raised regarding the free will of individuals or are we just puppets in the hands some invisible force. Though all these dilemmas require a deep discussions but on mundane level it is fasinating to observe the patterns in human life with movements of planets in the sky. The purpose of Astrolad is to share some basic frameworks of astrology within which different life situations can be understood to a fair degree and sometimes even the purpose of life.