Fate vs Free Will

Human beings are puppets with strings attached to the planets. That's the most obvious outcome if we totally give in to the concepts of Astrology, which highlights fate over free will. The events or circumstances in an individual's life are predestined or controlled by higher intelligence through planets and stars. Thats one of the extreme positions taken by people devoted to the nail towards God. Therefore sometimes leading life of total renunciation or without active participation as if their actions will have no consequences as its already been written in stone, because the Universal order is fixed which cannot be altered according to whims and wishes of mortal beings.
Whereas the opposite camp completely oblivious to the deep concepts of Astrology rides on the bandwagon driven by so called forward looking individuals, despising anything ancient or medieval as useless. For them nothing supersedes the free will of human beings, man is the creator of his/her own destiny, relegating the concepts of past life, karma or Astrology to the back burner. There is nothing called fate or someone sitting in the heavens and running the show on the earth. Therefore of fulfil his/her own desires and ambitions, actions are needed without any restrictions or limitations from forces outside of human being, as there is no inherent order in the Universe which we need to maintain.
These are almost the extreme positions taken by individuals making fate and free will as antagonistic to each other. As though total acceptance of one will automatically leads to negation of other. The tendency of people to see life in black and white often leads to segregation and hence confrontation with one another, forgetting that essence of life resides in the grey. We as human beings with limited perceptions often find gratification with surety in life, forgetting that we need to learn to live life with uncertainty or with faith in an order beyond five senses. The concepts of fate or free will can only be realised from Holistic perspective of life which ask for intuitions and subjective realisations to be taken seriously. In other words we as human beings need to evolve to higher states of realisations, where life is play of opposites or dualities, making each other as complimentary to one another rather than antagonistic. An ideal example to illustrate the above concept is through deep understanding of Astrology and avoid getting laid by fake astrologers or pseudo scientists hungry for publicity by stoking the primal instincts of hostility towards one another.
It is true that the configuration of planets in the sky at the time of birth of an individual do have correlations with circumstances and events throughout the life of an individual. The parents you are born to, the siblings you grow with, the partner you get married to and the children you are blessed with are known or described to an amazing degree of accuracy through your birth chart (mirroring planetary configuration at birth). Or the areas of life that will give you comfort, the money you earn, the diseases and enemies you confront with, how aggressive a man will be or how FERTILE a woman will be, everything seems to be coded in your horoscope. Hardly there is any area or event in the entire lifespan whose probability (to an amazing degree) cannot be determined. Later in life when you study astrology or decode what your chart predicted initially and matches it with all the events that actually occurred in your life, you end up with goose-bumps. Your entire life seems to be movie whose script was written by invisible or higher forces and hinted or conveyed through the planets. After all these realisations a question haunts you, Is it really me or someone is playing through me?
At the same time there is sort of low inside, as what about human spirit of adventure, innovation and will power? If we are really destined to live according to plan encoded in the planets or whims of someone sitting in the heavens then what's the use putting efforts to improve our life? Why not just go with the flow already flowing since birth. If the fate has already set our life in one direction then there is no point in having will to steer life in different direction. What's the point in having ambitions, desires and work days and nights to fulfil them if you are not entitled to them according to the fate as dictated by the planets. But interestingly along all these questions one more question arises as who really sets the configuration of planets at the time of our birth? or who decides the time of our birth (under the set pattern of the planets so as to have particular kind of experiences in the life to come)? And the answer lies in the Astrology only.
No doubts the circumstances in your life are predefined, but how you choose to react is depended on you. In other words you have free will to adopt the attitude towards the said circumstances. And the accumulation of all your choices and actions spanning the entire lifespan hence decide the configurations of planets at the time of your next birth. Whatever you do or respond to circumstances in this lifetime (as dictated by actions in previous lifetime) will decide the circumstances in next life. In technical terms there is time lag between your actions and reactions (from the Universe). Thus fortifying the essence of wisdom traditions "AHAM BRAHMASMI" Or I am the Universe or creator of my own reality. Treading on the similar lines then the God becomes the collective consciousness of humanity or higher aspects of individual self. He is not sitting on the clouds separately but dwelling collectively in each one us whether saint or a sinner, naive or manipulative, or through any other dual or apparently antagonistic aspects of life like fate and free will, joys and sorrows etc.
Tendency of human beings to live life at the surface or see life in narrow perspective (as constricted between birth and death of physical body) give rise to all these controversies or contradictions between different aspects of life. But the holistic life as perceived by wiser human beings which in essence is journey of soul across many life times resolves these issues in a subtle and refined manner. And via insights of Astrology those muddy waters of pessimists swimming at the surface gets crystal clear with optimists residing at depths.