Divine Dialogue

Human interact via visible signs and languages. Whether adult instructing younger ones or children expressing their needs, means of communication have been well established over a course of time. Therefore exchange of thoughts and emotions among human beings is a convenient process without much ado. But parallel to this mode of tangible communication is another mode of "intangible communication". Its a way of interaction between you and your higher self or astral entities in subtle dimensions. As there exist many parallel dimensions besides our physical dimension, which though espoused by spiritual traditions for quite a long time, are now giving their glimpses through physical sciences like Quantum physics.
These parallel Universes (known as other dimensions or astral realms) are inhabited by subtle beings like souls of departed ones, our ancestors (Pitris) and beings with expanded consciousness (Demi Gods). Scientifically these can be defined as coherent charges floating in zones beyond perception of physical senses. As it is well known that human sense only within limited spectrums (like we can see only between Infrared and Ultraviolet wavelengths of lights and hear only between 20 to 2000 hertz of frequencies). What about realms beyond these ranges? though they do exist but we are unable to tap them with bare physical senses. Few animals with extended sense of smell, vision or hearing can perceive entities from these realms. Also there are many scientific instruments which can detect the presence of these entities or floating coherent charges. Moreover the individuals on spiritual quest can many a times interact with these astral beings and know their intentions and wisdom through subtle signs of communication as synchronicity in the events around themselves.
Let me explicitly explain the concept of "synchronicity". For example in my birth chart it is indicated that traveling is lucky for me (as houses for traveling Three and Nine are strong in my horoscope). And I have been observing that while traveling certain events or coincidences happen that provide me with clues for solving many problems in life. Events that repeat themselves (déjà vu experiences) are considered as coincidences, but if you analyses them deeply they become meaningful coincidences. In my case these coincidence while traveling are infused with subtle messages, which are being delivered to me to solve my puzzles in life. It is as though time, events and people are being manipulated (synchronicity) again and again to deliver a message with similar theme. Moreover while traveling I met with certain individuals who became my friends and helped me a lot afterwards. My first novel was woven around all my spiritual experiences while traveling across the country. Initially I just used to jot down all these wonderful and meaningful experiences but never contemplated over as why or how are they happening? But I was fascinated by the messages or solutions they yielded later on.
Later in life when I understood these happenings It is as though benefactors or guiding angels from other realms start conversing or interacting with you through events around while traveling. But why traveling only? Why not they help or interact when I am at home or at one place? Though these helpful entities or your angels are always there to help you out, but are unable to connect with you through limitations of communications between different realms. You cannot hear them even when they try to talk, you cannot see them as you cannot see beyond ultraviolet wavelengths and they exist as these waves only. The only way they can interact with you is through your thoughts and for that you need to calm down or empty your mind as in meditation. But if you find it difficult stilling your mind, then you must pay attention to events while on the move. Because when you travel the range of possibility of occurrence of different events widens (which is not possible when you are at one place). And you will find yourself surrounded with particular event (out of many) which has some relevance to your life. The astral entities orchestrate or manipulate things around you to convey a relevant message. Because as you move you make yourself available to different experiences and it becomes lot easier for higher intelligence to manifest a event using different resources. It is as though things around you become arena for showcasing a their intention.
Let me illustrate this with my personal experience. Recently while traveling via train I found myself sharing a cabin with two women and one man. From their conversation and physical features I could make out that two women were sisters and the elder one was traveling with her husband. After dinner the husband and wife went to sleep on upper berths while younger one was sitting opposite to my berth. As I was about to sleep while reading an article, she took out her string of scared prayer beads and started chanting some mantras silently, as I could make out from movements of her lips. For a moment I felt an unexplainable surge of compassion towards her (may be because of spirituality) while she was still meditating I went to sleep. In the morning as my destination arrived, I alighted while three of them were still sleeping. Three days later while returning I bumped into the trio again, traveling in adjacent cabin. While husband and wife were obscured from my view but I could see the younger sister lost in some world of her own. To an average mind that was just a coincidence but for me it was altogether a different game. There was a sort of aloofness or aura around that lady which made me feel that she needed some help. While she was meditating I went to sleep and in the morning we departed our ways. Few days later sitting in the cafe, three individuals (two women and a man) sat next to me, two ladies had similar features, reminding me of my journey. Here again the younger one sitting quite while elder one engrossed in gossip with a man. Few weeks later I again found myself sitting across a table occupied with two women and a man. Since the theme was repeating it made me apprehensive about something being conveyed to me.
A month later while writing an article sitting in a cafe some foreign lady sat next to me and moments later started shedding tears. "Is everything alright?" I asked, she told me the whole story how she was robbed of her phone by some Indian kids while visiting a historical monument in the city. And she was very sad as her phone contained all her memories of the trip to India. I tried to console her and offered my phone for any important calls, as she was about to leave for her native country in few hours. We got friendly after she came to know that I am an astrologer. She passed me her details, as I promised to mail some interesting facts about her life after preparing the horoscope.
Few days later after analysing her chart, I came to know that she has an elder sister happily married, she herself got divorced after eleven years of marriage, she is again in a relationship but sometimes find it difficult to carry on. She feels bouts of depression, as a help I boost her morale and spirits counselling her over a phone. As she is loosing all hopes and feeling insecure about her future, I am reminding her to have a faith on almighty. As I remembered that younger sister with her prayer beads in a train, I advised this younger sister to go for meditation.
The appreciation for the Universal mind gets reinforced when I realise that higher beings are trying to help this lady through channels like me. Younger sister with beads in the train was not just a coincidence but the way higher intelligence conveyed me the solution beforehand.