Dhanishta Nakshatra

Nature/Category of star: Chara (Movable, Changeable)

Direction of Mouth / Motion: Urdhwa Mukha (Looking up / Facing Upwards)

Pratima (Symbol): "A Drum" (Mridanga or Damaru of Lord Shiva), "A Bamboo Cane Flute"

Devata (Presiding Deity/ Tutelary Archetype): Eight Vasus (The Elemental Gods, Deities of Earthly Abundance)

Shakti (Power) : Khyapayitri Shakti (The Power to "Give Fame and Abundance")

Desire: To Revolve around the Summits of Gods

Result of Shakti, Basis, & Desire: Bringing People Together


Liberal, Brave, Good, Beneficial, Valuable items, Charity, Command, Domestic, Ambitious, sexual difficulties, sound, music, without pride, fast friends, charitable, very wealthy, peaceful, conquerer of senses.