Cosmic Conundrum

A debate is raging at the upper echelons of intellectual circles, Is there a mind behind the birth of the Universe (Big Bang) and its evolution to present state or everything is happening randomly and things have been getting arranged by chance or sheer luck? One camp holds the opinion of Universe being fined tuned (by higher intelligence) to give rise to self conscious species of Human Beings or in simpler words it has an inherent order in it since origin. Other half, while rubbishing the above claim, maintains that no one is supervising the evolution of the Universe and things (no matter how ordered and arranged they are) or events are just coincidences without any deeper meanings or there is no such inbuilt order in the nature of things. And if you are avid follower of such debates, these top notch minds (from both sides) with there logics and reasons seems to put you in a rabbit hole without any bottom whatsoever. At the end you have two options either stop listening to these giants having expertise in Astrophysics, Quantum physics, Neurosciences etc and carry on your lives with half truths or be ready to be a ping pong ball getting bounced on either side from time to time (if you have an urge to seek deeper truths of life).

Earlier for masses to believe in as it was instructed by higher echelons was easy, but with the onset of age of reasons, people started raising fingers at blind faith (lacking objectivity completely). Those vested interests with hidden agendas masked in moral codes are finding it difficult to stay on top. Now no one with deep understanding and credibility at stake dares to take a stand on either side of the fence without any reasons to support the same. Moreover with the age of information technology masses are way too smart to be led in any direction without appropriate or reasonable facts (upto some extent). Because even after tremendous advancements in the field of sciences or spiritual traditions, true nature of reality is still eluding human mind. Therefore before taking stands on either side of an issue it is better to have plausible reasons at hand for such a position. For instance the debate above is without any end or conclusion, it's only the matter of liking or natural bent of mind on which side you stand and what reason you have for the same.

Recently, during deep moments of contemplation or inner monologue about the Universal mind, another interesting fact surfaced, which again put me in the court of believers who vie for higher intelligence behind the creation.

With the back ground in computer programming and an enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence myself, new development in this field (or for that matter in Quantum physics) are almost clamouring for something superhuman or beyond the ambit of physical senses. Artificial Intelligence is branch of computer sciences where efforts are being directed to make computer almost human like in their response towards surrounding environments. Fast computing powers to analyses trillion bits of data and better understanding of human cognitive process, efforts are being directed by top notch programmers to create intelligent computer programmes that can mimic human beings. That is to say, softwares are now capable of learning themselves from the data provided and perform future actions based on this information or learned behaviour. Thought the progress in this field is yet to reach its mark or human standards where computers almost act of their own without human intervention but still development is enough to make you really think in this direction. As a results fears are being generated regarding future where machine will overtake human beings and may completely wipe out human race.

Anyways whatever the future scenario may be, but one thing is for sure tremendous mind power and resources are being utilised to make computer act like human being or human computer. A computer that just not act out of mere information provided but able to convert that information into knowledge and maybe attach emotions to it and respond. One thing is for sure that for producing this type of intelligent machine (with most advance hardware and most intelligent software) tremendous efforts are being needed and hence put forth.

Now an interesting question arises, if all this mind power and resources are needed to produce a machine that is yet to acquire full traits of human beings, what about the machine that is already there as "human being". A human computer that not only learns from its past behaviour or data but thinks logically, attach emotions, thinks about welfare of fellow beings before responding to the stimuli. And against which the race is on to compete with at-least if not over power. Do you really think that human being is just the random evolution without any purpose or higher mind directing it if all these tremendous efforts are directed to produce machine like it? Because the camp that holds the view that there is no such intelligence behind the evolution of single cell organism to multicellular and self conscious organisms then should explain why there is so much intelligence being directed to produce a machine that has not been able to mimic us even 10%. Really there is much needed to be answered before outrightly rejecting the presence of higher intelligence behind the creation of the Universe and its ultimate product Human Being.

Though the debate should be there regarding the nature of such a higher intelligence but when it comes to its presence, I am tilted towards believers. As far as the nature of such higher intelligence Astrology provides convincing insights, where nothing is random and everything happening in human life has a cause and order to it. For a time being until or unless I bumped against a convincing counter argument I am staying in the court of believers only. Because they say problem with the world is that "wise men are full of doubts and idiots are damn sure about everything".