Bharani Nakshatra

Indication: "The star of restraint".
Nature/ Category of Star: Ugra (Fierce/ Severe).

Direction of Mouth / Motion: Adho Mukha (Looking down / Facing Downwards).

Pratima (Symbol): The Vulva or Celestial Yoni (The female organ of reproduction / Orifice of the Womb)

Devata (Presiding Deity / Tutelary Archetype): Yama (the God of death and the King of Dharma (Justice).

Shakti (Power): Apabharani Shakti ( The power to take things away and move on or Power to cleanse and Remove Impurities").

Desire: To be the Lord of Ancestors.

Result of Shakti, Basis & Desire; Moving on to the next World.


Birth, Death, Dharma, Growth, Struggle, Social transformation, Moral, Self Purification, Nuturing, Hospitality, Subordinate, Creativity, Entertainment, Truthful, Honest, Intelligent, Pure hearted, Self control, Strong Will Power, Firm, Fore bearing, Successful at work, Popular, Generous, Happy, Struggle restrains and obstacle in life, Jealous of good fortune of others, Inflicts oppressions on others, fight to liberate themselves, Fanatical in beliefs.