Ashlesha Nakshatra

Indication : "The clinging star"

Nature/category of star: Tikshna (Sharp / dreadful), Daruna(tragic)

Direction of mouth / motion : Adho Mukha (looking down / facing downwards)

Pratima (symbol): Coiled serpent, Circle, wheel

Devata (Presiding deity / Tutelary archetype): Sarpas or Nagas or Ahi (Deified serpents, Deities of wisdom and the underworld also called as Naga Loka)

Shakti (Power): Vis Ashleshana Shakti (The power to "inflict poison and destroy the victim")

Desire: To Overcome Enemies

Result of Shakti : Basis, & desire: Destruction of the Victim


Inattentive, ungrateful, deceive, secrecy, insincerity, poisonous, painful, cunning, power and energy, coiled, separation, troubles, blunt, self serving, manipulative, greedy, controversial, straight forward, smart, penetrating vision, independent, right speaker, commanding respect, skilled in politics, diplomatic, quick, insightful, courageous, direct, violent, venomous, seclusion, kundalini, magnetic, metamorphosis, sensual, seductive, intense, hypnotic, profound, secretive, ambitious, full of conviction, great critics, vengeful towards humiliation, crafty, devious, controlling.