Astrologer Vinod Sharma is based in New Delhi and can be contacted through phone for astrological consultations.

Few words by Astrologer

Albert Einstein when asked about his views on God. He replied "God for me is the inherent order already manifesting in the nature". Treading on the similar lines the efforts of human beings to study the pattern and order in personal lives through relationships, professions, emotions, physical characteristics etc and relating it with positions of the planets and stars, for me is Astrology.

The first half of my life was almost spent obtaining engineering degree, programming robots and understanding order in nature outside through study of Quantum Physics. Later in life the same order and pattern started surfacing in personal life when I contemplated life in retrospection and became Author to share the same with people. But soon realized that all my personal experiences I am penning down are already being referred in Astrology, thus grew the interest in Astrology. As I started my research in the same by reading well known classics and observing patterns in others life through their birth chart, fascination turned into a passion. As I plunged deeper in the field I started feeling and observing as if Astrology is the language through which the planets and stars speak to Humans. They tell you the deeper purpose behind the apparently random events in life. And when people see and understand the bigger picture of their lives filled with purpose and reason a sense of calmness or steadiness befalls, making them a balanced person in face of adversity or in general.

Though I started Astrology because of curiosity but soon realized that a sense of security (through understanding) is entering in people's lives through me, giving me a feeling of satisfaction or say purpose in life.